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MoveYou Project

What is the MoveYou Project?

MoveYou will be a new way to transfer movements between people. It is under development by HTW Games. More Iiformations comming soon!

How will it be possible?

Technology!!! MoveYou has been in development for years by experts in motion detection and gamification. Our technology is at the patent stage. The MoveYou project is funded by the Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (FAPESP).

Opinions of FAPESP evaluators on the Project so far

Some Previous Works by HTW Games

Penalty kick game, using Motion Capture and Virtual Reality technologies. Exhibition at Marechal Plaza Shopping.

Game "Trankies' World" - with motion capture technology, used to amuse people at exhibitions.

Game with Motion Capture technology, developed with Participatory Design techniques, with an audience of wheelchair tennis players in São Caetano do Sul.

Interactive Presentation in Virtual Reality, developed for the company CasaMais360.

Kinesthetic games in Virtual Reality for smartphones

Some Customer Testimonials

Monique - Escape Time

Cinthia - Bioctal

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